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In 2016, Dr. Amy Wheadon, OTD, OTR/L founded the structured, manualized KidSHINE Bootcamp Program, which is now an evidence-based thematic program that uses intense physical exercise to improve strength and self regulation in children. Amy conducted doctoral level research on the KidSHINE Bootcamp program in 2019 and found significant improvements in sensory processing skills, social skills, and daily activities in children with sensory processing challenges after participation in the 16 week KidSHINE Bootcamp Program.  The program has been expanded to include therapeutic and recreational groups for preschool aged children, elementary aged children and teenagers.

What To Expect

kidSHINE's Therapeutic and Recreational Bootcamps will improve core strength, balance, coordination, spatial awareness, motor planning, sensory processing skills and executive functioning skills using a uniquely designed, OT inspired, evidence based program. Weekly classes are highly structured, thematic, and adult guided to practice focus, concentration, listening skills, peer cooperation and social skills.  8 week sessions are designed by OTs and taught by the trained kidSHINE staff therapists and assistants. Classes are 45 minutes in length. 


Each class focuses on:

-strengthening exercises with focus on proper form

-self regulation strategies with explanation and practice

-group activities and challenges

-organic support for peer cooperative skills

-use of warped wall, cargo net, ninja line, rock wall and other kidSHINE equipment

-at home practice activities

-obstacle courses


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