Therapeutic & Recreational Bootcamp Classes

A Unique Program for Motor Skills Development

While working in outpatient clinics, Founder, Amy Wheadon, MS, OTR/L developed a passion for designing and implementing Bootcamp groups for children.  Children who participated in these groups not only became stronger and developed their physical skills, but they demonstrated improved ability to focus in school, when completing homework, and when performing daily living activities.  Peer interaction skills and impulse control also improved for children who participated in peer-based physical movement groups. Amy has an extensive knowledge base for which techniques, exercises, games and activities are both motivating to children and are beneficial for facilitating neurodevelopmental growth. kidSHINE Bootcamps are specifically designed by Amy to develop and enhance strength, coordination, balance, motor planning and spatial awareness.


- Improved core strength, balance, coordination, spatial awareness, motor planning, gross motor and fine motor skills

- Structured, safe, adult guided environment to practice focus and concentration, listening skills, peer cooperation and social skills

- Daily physical activity to help children focus in school and for daily routines

- Enhanced executive functioning and planning/ organizational skills

- Enhanced attention & concentration using a sensory integration approach

Early Spring 2020 Bootcamp Classes

 8 Week Session

Recreational Classes for $205

Therapeutic Classes for $225

March 9th-May 9th, 2020

$20 Sibling Discount

$25 per recreational class drop-in rate, if space allows.

This 8 week session spans 9 calendar weeks- We will offer makeup classes during the April School Vacation Week.

Weekly Activities

​- Warm up our minds and bodies

- Gross Motor Obstacle Course

-Theme Based Physical Challenges

-Physical Conditioning

- Team Building Activities

- Fine Motor Activity (for preschool classes at schools)

- Carry over challenges for home and “Goal for the week”

Class Descriptions & Schedule



Tuesday 4:30-5:30 PM, Grades K-3

Saturday 9:45-10:45 AM, Grades K-3

NO CLASSES week of April 20th

Strong Kids 1

Strength, Skills & Confidence

This recreational conditioning program is designed to enhance core strength, motor planning/ coordination, balance and upper body strength for boys and girls in grades k-2 and 3-6 who have strong underlying motor skills and demonstrate the ability to focus, attend and follow directions.  These classes will challenge skills, strength and endurance in a fun and non-competitive environment and is a great adjunct for children who want to enhance his or her performance in a particular sport. We work on general conditioning, and, of course.. there is a weekly obstacle course!

6-Week Pilot Program $120 Intro Price!

Located at Village School in Boxford

Ages 2-3 years

SHINING Stars Toddler Program

Shining Stars is designed for toddlers and early preschool aged children to facilitate core strengthening, body awareness, motor planning, balance, and skill building using songs, group movement games and age appropriate obstacle courses.  Children in KidSHINE’s Shining Stars Toddler Program will also participate in an age appropriate fine motor activity to enhance strength, dexterity and visual motor integration skills. Parents are also taught simple weekly strategies to help their child remain focused for play and school readiness activities.   Parent participation is required.

Thursday 4:30-5:30 PM, Grades K-3

Thursday 5:30-6:30 PM, Grades 4-7

NO CLASSES week of April 20th

Girls Empowerment

This program provides an opportunity for girls to focus on their outer and inner strengths. Girls will create goals for themselves and develop pride in all that their strong bodies are capable of.  We will talk about role models and supporting one another. There is also an emphasis on building core strength, balance, motor planning, upper body strength and also teamwork and confidence.  Tire flipping and assisted pull ups are regular occurrences and obstacle courses are most extreme! 

Tuesday 11:30-12:15 PM, Ages 3-4.5

Thursday 1:30-2:15 PM, Ages 4-5 

Friday 10:30-11:15 AM, Ages 2.9-4

Saturday 9- 9:45 AM, Ages 3-5  

NO CLASSES week of April 20th

Mini Kiddos

This integrated program is designed for preschool aged children and targets core strengthening, body awareness, motor planning, balance, skill building and working on attention, focus and turn taking.  Children will sing songs, play group movement games and participate in age appropriate obstacle courses. 


Wednesday 4:30-5:30 PM, Grades K-2

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 PM, Grades 3-6

Saturday 11:00-12:00 PM, Grades K-3

NO CLASSES week of April 20th

Strong Kids 2

Strength, Skills & Confidence

This therapeutic program is designed to promote core strengthening, motor planning and balance, building skills with accuracy and working on attention, focus and turn taking. The slower pace, additional support and smaller class size allows for more individual attention to focus on motor skill, social skill development and focus. Peers work together as a team to complete group physical challenges and obstacle courses, and of course have fun! We encourage children to find their inner strength and be proud of their accomplishments! SPACE IS VERY LIMITED DUE TO RE-ENROLLMENT. THIS CLASS FILLS UP VERY QUICKLY. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL ASAP IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SIGNING UP FOR THIS SESSION.

Tuesday 5:30-6:30 PM Grades 3-6

NO CLASSES week of April 20th

Brain Games

Conditioning & Confidence

This class is designed for older elementary aged children who benefit from and enjoy physical activity, but who struggle with task organization and executive functioning skills. Research has shown that by providing children with opportunities to move and embrace physical exercise, this physical activity (prior to seated tasks) helps with brain organization for cognitive and executive tasks. The class will also focus on core strength, agility, balance and peer cooperation (at a faster pace than the developmental class) and will teach self awareness and self advocacy skills for children.  An executive functioning team challenge will be interwoven into each class, and children will learn carry over strategies for home.  


Family Offerings

Monday 9:00-10:00 AM

Wednesday 9:15-10:15 AM

$10/class drop-in fee

Strong Moms

Children who are strong, motivated and resilient become this way because of their families. KidSHINE is offering a new class "officially" called “Strong Moms”.  We will “unofficially” just call it an awesome bootcamp class FOR MOMS ONLY that will help you to build muscle, improve cardiovascular performance, and push yourself out of your physical comfort zone.  Each class will include a dynamic warm up, an agility exercise, a core circuit, a balance component, a body weight/ cardio challenge, and maybe even an obstacle course!  So whether you are starting from scratch or just trying to mix up your routine a bit, I promise you, YOU WILL WORK HARD and SWEAT!


Parent Support Group

for Sensory Needs

We love working with kids, but we can help parents as well! Navigating the world of sensory processing challenges can be difficult, and being a parent of a child who needs support can sometimes be lonely. KidSHINE will be offering a forum for parents to come together and discuss the strategies, ideas and experiences that have impacted their family.

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