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Why Work at kidSHINE?

Collaborative & Supportive Work Environment
Career Advancement Opportunities
Fun Team Atmosphere
kidSHINE occupational therapy

Collaborative & Supportive Work Environment

At kidSHINE, we pride ourselves on creating a supportive environment where our therapists can collaborate with and learn from one another. All of our therapists are welcoming, caring, energetic, and committed. As a part of our team, therapists are encouraged and empowered to enact positive change in the lives of kidSHINE's children and families. All of the kidSHINE therapists work together in large spaces to allow for crossover treatments, idea sharing and for organic social collaborations with clients. 

Flexible Hours

kidSHINE's Rowley location is open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. kidSHINE Amesbury is open Monday through Friday and our West Boxford satellite is currently open 2-3 days/ week.  Our therapists may work with children in 1:1 OT treatment sessions, in our EXERSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp Program, or in a combination of both! We offer both part-time and full-time employment as well as the ability to work after school hours or on a per diem basis .  We also offer the flexibility to work in more than one location if deisred, to teach EXERSHINEkids classes at school and to shift hours in the summer to allow for a shorter summer work week.  kidSHINE is committed to providing flexibility to support life adjustments as well. Its always possible to remain part of the kidSHINE family in some capacity!

kidSHINE occupational therapy
kidSHINE occupational therapy

Career Advancement Opportunities

We are excited to offer career advancement opportunities to our outstanding OT's and COTA's. kidSHINE brings onsite continuing education opportunities annually for the team to learn and grow professionally. In addition, full time employees have continuing education opportunities to further their knowledge with specialty courses and certifications. KidSHINE therapists also have opportunities to advance to management and coordination roles over time, and when these positions are available.

Strong Benefits

At kidSHINE, we value our employees and the incredible work they do with our children and families. As a small, therapist owned company, the collaboration, professional growth and ongoing support is unparalleled. In addition, we are extremely proud to be able to offer the following benefits to our team members:


  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Short Term Disability

  • Accident Insurance

  • Vacation Time/ Sick Time

  • Select Paid Holidays

  • Professional development assistance

  • Continuing education 

kidSHINE occupational therapy
kidSHINE occupational therapy

Fun Team Atmosphere

At kidSHINE, we balance hard work and collaborative care with opportunities for co-workers to play and have fun together too!  We do several annual team building events where staff learn together, laugh together and just generally enjoy each others' company, both in and outside of work. kidSHINE is a community and a family, and that SHINEs through with our team as well as with our clients!

Soft Dots

What Our Staff Says

"The thing I love best about working with KidSHINE is watching our therapists each week with the children. Each child becomes so special to us all here and we are so proud of each of them. I get the joy of being the "Sticker Giver" and can't wait to see them every week so they can tell me about their session and what they did." 

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