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Improve the Health, Focus and Confidence of Children

There are a multitude of studies demonstrating the positive impact of exercise for overall improved health, improved focus and improved confidence for individuals of all ages (especially children).  High Intensity Exercise can be a valuable therapy tool for pediatric OT practitioners, not only from a physical, emotional and confidence perspective, but also as a change agent for improving sensory processing skills. This novel concept has been the focus of Dr. Amy Wheadon's recent research and is the cornerstone for the treatment philosophy at the ExerSHINE Kids Bootcamp Academy Clinics. As a culmination of 21 years of pediatric practice blending high intensity exercise with evidence based principles of OT, Dr. Wheadon has founded, designed and researched her ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp Program to develop a training program for practitioners. 

Training & Certification Program Coming Soon-

Fall 2021

The ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp Program training and certification program will soon be available (Fall 2021).  Trained and certified practitioners will also have the opportunity to purchase sessions for their own practice. Dr Wheadon continues to compile evidence that this program effectively improves functional outcomes in children with sensory processing challenges, and will be conducting additional research in the near future.  For more information about how the ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp Program can come to your clinic, please submit your name, email and credentials below.  Please note that currently this program is only available to OTR/L and COTA/L clinicians who are licensed and practicing practitioners.  We are also happy to have OT clinicians and OT students join our private facebook community for treatment ideas, suggestions, guidance and support for using high intensity exercise in treatment! 

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