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Occupational therapy internship

A Unique Internship Program

We love having students and volunteers join us, as they are an integral part of making the kidSHINE experience special. We have unique opportunities for shadowing individual sessions, learning the behind the scenes of how our clinic is run, and assisting with our group programming including morning programs and EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp.

Benefits of Interning

  • Hands-on training in the application of occupational therapy concepts to pediatric care

  • The opportunity to observe occupational therapists and learn from their skill set and creativity

  • The opportunity to learn the “behind the scenes” of how a clinic is run and what aspects go into supporting our clients

  • The opportunity to assist with the ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp Program, a novel, evidence-based program supporting positive outcomes in children

  • A fun, dynamic and cumulative experience that can be used to support skill acquisition and foster passion for future career goals

  • Opportunity for future growth at KidSHINE Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy internship
occupational therapy internship

What We Look For

  • High school or college-aged individuals

  • Individuals that are interested in the field of occupational therapy or related pediatric fields such as special education, early education, physical therapy and speech therapy

  • Individuals that are committed, professional and able to take initiative for their own learning and for the success of our clients


occupational therapy internship

An internship at kidSHINE is an amazing, hands-on experience that gets your feet wet with everything related to pediatric OT. A great opportunity to observe and learn all what pediatric OT has to offer in an enthusiastic and welcoming environment. It will leave you with memories and connections for years to come.


occupational therapy internship

While attending Endicott College I completed my internship at kidSHINE. I was able to learn so much about the field, what it takes to be a great occupational therapist and about myself as well. It is also never a dull moment at kidSHINE, there is always something to do or learn. The staff is amazing and are always willing to teach. I always looked forward to going in everyday because I knew I would laugh, learn and create a memory. Being a kidSHINE intern taught me so much and I am very grateful for Amy and the rest of the staff for allowing me to spend my senior year with them.  I hope one day I can be as great of an OT as the kidSHINE staff is!


occupational therapy internship

Being an intern at KidSHINE helped me to gain useful, real world experience in the occupational therapy field. KidSHINE is a great place to learn about why OT is important, all while making it fun for us and the kids as well. The environment is super friendly and each therapist directs us on how to assist the children to ensure we are guiding them correctly. Overall it’s a great place to start an internship and begin your search in finding a field that you would like to work in the future.


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