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kidSHINE occupational therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Improve your child's strength, focus, skills and confidence.

kidSHINE occupational therapy

Individual Therapy Sessions

Many children benefit from a more individualized approach for enhancing development.  kidSHINE occupational therapists are skilled at supporting each child's unique learning style and recognizing how to empower each child to achieve motor milestones and functional independence.  kidSHINE's comprehensive OT evaluations identify specific areas of strength and areas of growth that will impact a child's participation in daily occupations (play, school and self care).  Weekly treatment sessions utilize a play-based approach and meaningful activities that focus on a child’s specific interests, hidden strengths and talents. 


Children who require direct occupational therapy treatment may or may not have a specific diagnosis, but do have specific areas of need that are impacting overall progress and require refined skill development.


Consultation with classroom teachers, other service providers and parents is also a key component in the successful carryover of skills learned in treatment sessions.

What To Expect

Evaluation & Assessment Report

We use standardized assessments, clinical observations, parent interviews, classroom input, and developmental history to evaluate current functional status, to highlight strengths and areas of need and to create goals and objectives for treatment.

Consultation Services

We'll collaborate with teachers and other service providers for classroom modifications and cohesion of services. We also provide OT based education, support and workshops to teachers and parents, as needed.


Our treatment is a play-based, multi-modal, self-empowering approach to therapy. We offer customized 45 or 60 minute sessions with the last 5 minutes reserved for parent feedback and consultation.

kidSHINE occupational therapy
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