Occupational Therapy

Some children require more individualized attention to enhance skill development.  kidSHINE offers individual therapy sessions for children who require treatment for deficits that are significantly impacting that child’s ability to make effective progress in school, at home, with peers, and when completing activities of daily living.


Children who require direct occupational therapy treatment may or may not have a specific diagnosis, but do have specific areas of need that are impacting overall progress and require refined skill development.


Consultation with classroom teachers, other service providers and parents is also a key component in the successful carryover of skills learned in treatment sessions.

Evaluation & Assessment Report

- Use of standardized assessments, clinical observation, parent interview, classroom input, and developmental history to evaluate current functional status, to highlight strengths and areas of need and to create goals and objectives for treatment.

- Formal written assessment report with parent meeting

​Consultation Services

- Collaborate with teachers for classroom modifications
- Collaborate with other services providers for cohesion of services - Provide resources for school staff​

- Provide OT based education, support and workshops to teachers and parents


- Play-based, multi-modal, self- empowering approach to therapy

- Services delivered at our facility on Route 1 on the Topsfield-Ipswich-Rowley line

- Customized 45 or 60 minute sessions with last 5 minutes reserved for parent feedback and consultation

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