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Now offering virtually live KidSHINE Bootcamp Classes through Zoom as a structured, interactive way for kids to stay active, to release extra energy, and to exercise in a group with other kids and the KidSHINE staff!


We have 4 different classes for 4 different age/ ability levels. Children in our Strong Kids 1 Program and our Teen Conditioning Class should be able to participate independently.  Children in Strong Kids 2 and Mini Kiddos may need intermittent help, but our staff knows many of your children already and knows how to keep them engaged, interested and moving!


*Siblings in the SAME CLASS participate for FREE!


Now offering 100% telehealth occupational therapy sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic! Telehealth is a temporary support solution until we are able to return to the office, and we recognize that it is not optimal for everyone, so our expectations are to just be there for children and families who need our support and do whatever we can to target skills in the interim. We are finding that some kids do great with telehealth, some do better with in person sessions, and some do differently depending on the day.  Generally main goals of telehealth are to work on co-regulation, connection, and to provide consistency, predictability, and individualized strategies for children during the pandemic.  We encourage parents to participate in sessions and spend time talking to your child's therapist about strategies to implement at home during the quarantine. 

Online Bootcamp Videos

Now, you can access KidSHINE online bootcamp classes from anywhere! It's a great way to keep children active and healthy.  We often feature "special guests", including my and my staff members' children and pets too! Classes available for "younger kids" and "older kids". The younger kids class uses visuals, exercise stories and self regulation strategies, and the older kids classes are faster paced, high intensity, agility exercises that will challenge older children and adults too.

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