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Building Strength and Confidence as a Team

These boys inspire me every week. This amazing group of boys work together to support one another while they participate in continuous (and admittedly sometimes hardcore and torturous) exercise for 60 minutes.

Burpees, rocketships, monster steps, sit ups, strength challenges, agility drills, obstacle courses, etc etc... This Strong Kids 2 class has been building strength, focus and confidence together with me for almost three years. But what struck me this week was something else I witnessed.. these boys are building friendships with one another- meaningful relationships and bonds with one another.

We start each class checking in and chatting about events that have happened in each of their lives. Not because we facilitate it, but because the boys themselves love hearing about each others lives and have asked me if we could do that before we start our warm up. When faced with a challenge that they have to succeed in as a team, these Strong Kids 2 boys collaborate and succeed and share their pride with each other. They show an empathy, an understanding and a respect for one another that I have not observed in other settings. They are "in this together" and they recognize that. I love watching the proud smiles when one of the boys completes his first box jump or pull up. But what I love even more is watching the boys smile when they are greeting each other or talking to each other. Im witnessing the development of friendships. And for me, that is a whole different expression of strength, confidence and empowerment. This group of boys is demonstrating what it means to truly SHINE!

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