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KidSHINE combines fitness with occupational therapy to help kids

We have some incredibly exciting news to share- this month we will be renaming Kidstrong LLC. While our philosophy, mission and dedication to our clients and families will remain the same, we are rebranding to KidSHINE to reflect the all of the amazing benefits of our therapy treatments and bootcamp program, (which is unique to our company and influenced by occupational therapy foundations). KidSHINE is building Strength, Health, Independence, and Nurturing Empowerment. KidSHINE will continue to provide pediatric OT treatment and also to further expand and develop our unique and innovative KidSHINE Bootcamp Program to provide recreational and therapeutic physical exercise groups "with a twist" throughout our community. Designed and implemented by licensed, registered and practicing OTs, KidSHINE Bootcamps promote strong bodies, strong minds, strong hearts and help all children to SHINE!

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