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Stay Strong and SHINE on!

Coordinated, organized movement can have a positive effect on arousal level and regulation. This, in turn, can increase attention to task and overall engagement in everyday occupations.

This month’s MoveSpiration is inspired by Yoga movements. Each of these movements targets strength of the arms, legs and core. Each of these movements requires motor planning and

coordination. Each of these movements requires focus and concentration to maintain.

Sprinkle organized movement into your day.


Print visuals and place on table tops - teach the children that before they sit down at the table they must complete the movement to a count of 10.

Print visuals and bring to circle time - have the whole class go through each movement to a count of 10 as a way to settle before your group lesson.

Print visuals and pass out during work time - randomly (or not so randomly) pass out a card to a student anytime during the day. The rule is when you get a card you complete the pose for 10 seconds.

Play a freeze game - Put on a rhythmic beat or some music of some kind. Kids can move their bodies to the music and once it stops they must hold a yoga pose. Provide visuals. Play about 5 rounds and each round have the children hold the pose for longer.

**Make sure to include everyone, not just the kids who really need it.

**Use as a transitional aid after lunch/recess.

**Provide deep breathing guidance to further slow down and regulate.

January Yoga Moves

Table Pose

Feet flat, hands down, lift belly to make a flat table.

Lift your head and look at your belly button.

Chair Pose

Feet flat, knees bent.

Stretch arms in front of your eyes and look at your hands.

Cobra Pose

Lay on your belly with legs long behind.

Press your hands down and lift your chest up.

Written By:

Melissa Silva, OTA, COTA


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