2020 Summer Programs

Help Your Child To SHINE This Summer!

KidSHINE is excited to offer summer programming for all ages and abilities again this year! We are bringing back some of our favorite recreational summer programs in a new location!   If you would like to help your child stay active, gain strength, build confidence, and create friendships over the summer, check out our recreational programs: Girls Empowerment-Fit & Fierce and KidSHINE Warrior Week. 


In addition- NEW in 2020, we are offering several specifically designed, therapeutic intensive week long programs and two 8 week summer clinic programs. All therapeutic programs are run by licensed and registered occupational therapists, feature smaller group sizes, and target your child's specific needs in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.  One of our most exciting 8 week clinics is our new Spartan Training Program at our new facility, which culminates in participation and completion of a real Spartan race! Check out the details below!

Program Types

​This summer we have several different types of programs available:

One Week Programs:

  • Therapeutic Intensive Programs (Sensory Stars, Great Escape, Warrior Week) 

  • Recreational Programs (GE Fit & Fierce, Warrior Week)

  • Ride a Bike Clinic (I Can Ride!)

Weekly Programs:

  • Spartan Race Training (Therapeutic and Rec classes)

  • Handwriting Clinic - I Can Write (Therapeutic)

  • KidSHINE Bootcamp Classes (Therapeutic and recreational- schedule released in May)

Back to School Week Long Programs (in August):

  • Kindergarten Bootcamp- I'm Ready For School

  • Executive Function Camp- School Year Heroes

Daily Activities for Week Long Intensives

  • Group Physical Games

  • Mega Obstacle Courses

  • Team Building Activities

  • Fine Motor Activities/ Age Appropriate Crafts 

  • Snack/ Lunch

  • Therapeutically designed activities for therapeutic programs

$20 sibling discount available
Use CODE: SIBLING at checkout 
(recommend using laptop or desktop for registration)
*Please note: we will have regularly scheduled weekly summer bootcamp classes as well. Summer bootcamp schedule will be released in May 2020

Benefits of Week Long Intensives

  • Improved core strength, balance, coordination, spatial awareness, motor planning, gross motor and fine motor skills

  • Structured, safe, adult guided environment to practice focus and concentration, listening skills, peer cooperation and social skills

  • Daily physical activity to help children focus in school and for daily routines

  • Carryover of strategies used in Individual OT sessions

  • Enhanced executive functioning and planning/ organizational skills

  • Enhanced attention & concentration using a sensory integration approach

Weekly Clinics


Tuesday 9-10AM (Thera)

Thursday 9-10AM (Rec)

June 30-August 3 RACE DAY Aug. 9!

$250 +$50 Race Registration

I'm a kidSHINE Spartan Kid!

Become a KidSHINE Spartan! This 8 week program is taught by one of KidSHINE’s COTAs, who is also a Spartan certified COTA, with the goal to prepare your child for a Spartan Kid’s race. Weekly themes will allow children to practice real obstacles included in the Spartan course and focus on fostering different strategies and skills to conquer race day! Children enrolled in this program will have the opportunity to participate in the Spartan Kid’s race taking place in Charlton, Massachusetts on August 9th, with our Spartan certified COTA guiding them through the race to success. This program has two offerings: a developmental program that is perfect for kids who are working on developing motor skills, building strength, agility and confidence, and a stimulating recreational program that is perfect for kids that possess strong motor skills and are looking for increased challenge.

Wednesday 9:00-10:00AM

Entering K-4

July 1-August 19


I Can Write!

kidSHINE Handwriting Clinic

Writing CAN BE FUN! Don’t let summer derail your child’s achievements from the school year! This weekly group will help your child maintain and continue to develop their writing skills using multi-sensory strategies and by incorporating movement with writing. Each week will focus on letter formation, orientation, & spatial awareness. The group will also target exercises to improve seated posture and endurance, which are important components of writing!

Monday-Thursday 9-12:30PM 


$50 sibling discount

Runamuck & Shine Summer Program

Miracle Farm Speech Therapy and Kidshine Occupational Therapy are excited to bring you RUNAMUCK & SHINE! Our summer program this year will combine the creative and social language-based activities of Camp Runamuck with the movement, strengthening and sensory-integration based activities of KidSHINE.

This camp will be offered at our Amesbury office at 14 Cedar Street, Suite 107. Our office is a gym in a huge warehouse and offers suspended swings and movement equipment in addition to interactive stations that will give children the opportunity to play, sing, move, get dirty, be creative, interact, and have fun.

One Week Summer Programs

Monday-Thursday 9:30AM-1:30PM

Entering Pre-K/K-3 (2 age groups)

June 22-25; July 27-30


kidSHINE Sensory Stars

The weather in summer is HOT but you can help your child avoid the end of year school year and summer meltdowns! Children with sensory processing challenges thrive on routine and structure and often have a hard time with the transition from school to summer. The KidSHINE Sensory Stars therapeutic summer program is designed and implemented by KidSHINE’s experienced OTs to help your child with the summer transition through a one week intensive program for sensory processing skill development. Our therapy team will help your child learn about, choose and practice specific summer related self regulation strategies. Each day your child will participate in OT based activities designed to promote self-regulation and to teach recognition of arousal level and self-advocacy. Social Thinking curriculum and Zone of Regulation will be incorporated into daily lessons and activities including obstacle courses, building a sensory toolbox, & building peer relationships!   *This camp is meant to be a complement to (rather than a replacement for) OT services.

Monday-Thursday 9:00AM-1:30PM

Entering K-6 grade

(2 age groups/all ability levels)

July 13-16


kidSHINE Warrior Week

Help your child build strength, skills and confidence like a warrior this summer! This week long summer program is inspired by obstacle-based challenges like American Ninja Warrior and Spartan Races. Taught by one of our trained COTAs who is also an experienced Spartan Veteran, the program will consist of fun activities and team games aimed at building strength, agility and confidence using a warped wall, climbing apparatus, agility challenges and balance equipment. 


Ages 7-10 years

June 29-July 3


I Can Ride!

kidSHINE Intensive Bike Riding Program

Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for all young children.  But if your child has difficulty with balance, motor planning, focus and confidence, learning how to ride a bike can be even more challenging.  The KidSHINE Bike Riding Program combines OT principles with the Strider Method to create a safe, confidence-building approach to learning how to ride a two wheeler, while also providing strengthening activities, teaching bike safety and fostering a cooperative group learning environment. Using team games (on and off the bike), this OT/ Strider trained therapist led group will use our new, state of the art location in Rowley for both indoor and outdoor practice to target each child’s specific needs and build bike riding skills. This program is appropriate for any child who expresses that he or she is ready to learn to ride a bike and who benefits from a multi-sensory, concrete, sequential approach to motor learning!

Monday-Thursday 9:30AM-1:30PM

Entering K-6 grade (2 age groups)

July 20-23


Girls Empowerment Fit

and Fierce

By focusing on both outer and inner strengths, girls will create goals for themselves and develop pride in all that their strong bodies are capable of! Girls will build strength, conditioning and endurance while also emphasizing teamwork, smart nutrition choices and confidence. Activities will focus on incorporating exercise, crafts, outdoor activities, and obstacles courses to help girls feel proud of themselves, build confidence in their abilities and foster camaraderie and meaningful friendships.

Monday-Thursday 9:30AM-1:30PM

Entering 3-6 grade

July 6-9


Brain Games-The Great Escape

KidSHINE takes on Escape Rooms! This interactive program is designed for older elementary aged children who benefit from and enjoy physical activity, but who also enjoy challenges and crave exercising their minds! Each day, children will be met with a different escape room challenge where they will have to work together as a team to find clues, solve a series of physical and mental challenges and unlock the key to the mystery to “escape”. Using executive functioning principles, our trained therapy team will help your child to build problem solving skills, task organization skills, and peer cooperation skills in a fun and challenging environment.


Back to School Programs

Monday-Thursday 9:30AM-12PM

Entering Kindergarten

August 24-27


I'm Ready for School

Kindergarten is an exciting rite of passage for children! This week long program, taught by our highly trained therapy staff, is designed to help your new kindergartener prepare for successful transition into school and feel ready to triumph over a new routine. Get ready for an exciting school year with fun activities created to mimic those of a kindergarten classroom and help establish healthy routine skills. Children enrolled in this program will build endurance, social and fine motor skills through the use of sensory tools, core strengthening and endurance activities, lunch bunch experiences and alphabet games, while learning in a safe and supportive environment.

Monday-Thursday 9:30AM-11:30AM

3-6 Grade

August 17-20


School Year Heros

This group is designed to help your 3rd-6th grader transition from summer and get back into a thriving school year routine. Get ready for a successful school year with fun group and individual indoor and outdoor activities focused on creating a routine, increasing organization, planning, sequencing and reviewing important EF concepts that impact learning and written output! Children enrolled in this program will practice skills through games and activities, learn self advocacy strategies and help facilitate the transition back to being a student. Core strengthening and sensory strategies will also be practiced to ensure ultimate success in the classroom. Our highly trained therapy staff is excited to guide your child through this challenging transition by easing into the activity demands of school and creating a fun and safe environment for learning.


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