SummerSHINE Programs

Growth & Skill Development In A Playful Way!


Yoga, gardening, woodworking, nature... help your child help your child diversify their OT experience!

Summer is an amazing time to target growth and skill development in a lighthearted and playful way! Summer is also a chance for kiddos to focus on having fun with friends. Our kidSHINE therapists specifically curated a variety of different summer groups that foster skill development and encourage peer cooperative skills. Much like our weekly EXERSHINEkids bootcamp program, SummerSHINE gives kiddos the opportunity to practice skills learned in OT an organic, group setting that mimics other extracurricular activities and situations that more typically occur outside of a traditional clinic setting.  SummerSHINE is also unique from bootcamp, as we offer other non-exercise themed activities, run by the therapists who themselves are passionate about each class they are teaching.    We encourage children to participate in a group or bootcamp class in addition to their 1:1 sessions this summer- Please talk to your child's therapist to see what will be the best fit for your child!

Upcoming Programs

June 27th-August 26th, once per week

*Enrollment Includes one “flex” make up week

*each class requires a minimum of 4 children and a maximum of 6 children