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Occupational Therapist & Clinic Manager

Alie is a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist who received her degree at the University of New Hampshire in 2015. Since then, Alie has been working in early intervention and has been with KidSHINE since June 2020. Her passion for working with children and their families is highlighted by her focus to create individualized care plans, and looking at the whole child. As part of her early intervention experience, Alie assisted in developing a very successful yoga group for toddlers and educating caregivers on how to best support their child. She has brought her caregiver training to KidSHINE and has helped develop a Caregiver support group. Alie believes in using a holistic and playful therapeutic technique that helps her clients to build confidence and mindfulness to assist in their learning, growing and regulation. She embraces new opportunities to continuously expand her knowledge and skill set with trainings including, Trauma-based intervention, Floortime, Pediatric Yoga and Mindfulness, How Trauma impacts Sensory Regulation, Sleep Training, Pediatric Feeding, and Treating Anxiety in Child and Adolescents.

In her free time, Alie is focused on a wellness lifestyle including long walks, exercising, yoga and cooking new recipes. She enjoys summering at the beach, particularly down the Cape, and cherishes her time with family and friends.

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