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Keep Kids Busy & Active During School Vacation Week

Looking for a confidence building challenge for your child for April School Vacation Week? KidSHINE is excited to offer 2, 3 and 4 day April School Vacation Programs in 2021! Our programs are designed to be unique, innovative and engaging- always incorporating KidSHINE's philosophy of merging high intensity exercise with each of our child approved themes.  Our therapist led, small group programs enable us to target and facilitate motor, sensory and social groups while fostering creativity and encouraging a growth mindset using a cooperative team approach.  Groups will be indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) in our Rowley location, and we continue to follow all COVID precautions with all of our in person programs.  All groups have a 4 child minimum and a 6 child maximum.

April 2021 School Vacation Programs

  • Lego Invention Camp

    April 19, 20 & 21


    Ages: 5-10

    Lego Camp is the brainchild of several of our therapists. Inspired by the passion of your children during skill-based play, we created a program that uses your children’s favorite toy to inspire functional problem solving and obtainment of important fine and gross motor skills. Join us for a week of fun Lego-based activities using Legos of all shapes and sizes! Kids will challenge their gross motor and fine motor-planning skills while using their imagination to build unique creations.


  • Warrior Challenge Days

    April 22 & 23


    Ages: 6-12

    Help your child build strength, skills & confidence like a warrior! Specific activities target strength, balance & confidence while participating in fun, dynamic group obstacle courses & physical games modeled after activities in Spartan Races! This program is designed and run by KidSHINE's Miss Danielle, certified Spartan Trainer and COTA/L using obstacles like our warped wall, peg wall, rock wall, tire stacks, and more! Children will learn how to use "warrior skills" for positive peer interactions and increased endurance.


  • KidSHINE Bike Camp

    April 19, 20, 22 & 23


    Ages: varied ages & abilities

    The KidSHINE Bike Riding Program combines OT principles with the Strider Method to create a safe, confidence-building approach to learning how to ride a two-wheeler. This program is appropriate for any child who expresses that he/she is ready to learn to ride a bike and who benefits from a multi-sensory, concrete, sequential approach to motor learning! Children should bring their own bikes (with pedals removed) and helmets to this program.



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